KEEPS Kamper, Age 15Savior, Father and Armor, a poem
I lost hope after my dads last breath and all my faith after his death. But after about three years I had to come to face my fears that I’m capable to cry and strong enough to try and one day I packed my bag to leave to a camp covered in belief. At first I ignored every advice thinking happiness playing by nice but then I saw their smiles and joy and knew that my heart wasn’t a toy but the key to my dad, who I love, may he be blessed in heaven above. And with the support of my friends I changed my ways till the end. To put away evil and replace it with good and know I’m no longer misunderstood but a design in His eyes, my Savior, Father, armor in disguise.
Teen girl in foster careat a “Girls Night Out” event.
“I went up to Miss Emily last night and said ‘Miss Emily I want to accept Christ will you help me do it?’ And she grabbed my hand with one of my friends and prayed for me, I was crying and thought, you know what, I made the best choice I’ve ever made in my life tonight.”
Foster Mom
“Thank you so much for having a heart towards those in need. And for loving the ones that others ignore or avoid. You are such a blessing to the world. Thanks for being who you are and for hearing God’s calling and answering it.”
LaurenKeeps girl all grown up
“Keeps Kamp began impacting my life over 7 years ago. I remember going there for the first time not knowing what to expect. But after the first evening as we started playing games and getting to know the staff and other kampers, I felt right at home. I wouldn’t change anything about Keeps or the people involved. You just feel so loved being surrounded by people that love God and want to serve Him wholeheartedly. It’s amazing the work that the Allegretto family does, they are steadfast, faithful people! I have been changed for the good, and shown who Jesus is in my life over and over again through this ministry. I love Keeps!”